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  1.              Enjoy Hoilday
    Enjoy Hoilday
    People would be wondering how to go to Vietnam. The first thing that these people would have to check is whether their nationality gets exemption in their Vietnam list.
  2.        Vietnam Visa Service
    Vietnam Visa Service
    The Vietnam visa on arrival form can be filled online and submitted or check whether there is a Vietnam embassy nearby.
  3.             Stay at Vietnam
    Stay at Vietnam
    If the Vietnam embassy is not nearby then the form can be filled and submitted using online method and make sure that model of travel is by flight method.
  The advantage of using Vietnam visa service agents help  
Many companies would be offering help on arrival at Vietnam. A member representing company would come at airport and pick up concerned person .They would then be taken to visa service counter and visa stamping and sticker process would be over in five to ten minutes.The Vietnam visa policy insists that visa for land or sea travel.

Businessmen and aged people should make use of this service and those ladies coming with young children should also use this service. Group travelers can also make this service as waiting period is less.

The other advantage is that bag would be ready by the time visa processing is over and this would mean that one can get out of airport quicker.