What is the concept of visa Vietnam?  

Vietnam Visa which is alternatively known as “Visa on Arrival” is specially build up for those people who travel from one place to another place which is situated at a distance which is very long from their residence or in such countries where there is no Vietnam’s residence.But there is one problem with this. That problem is one cannot utilize this in a direct way to "re establishment of Vietnam Visa”. 
In short, you can that Visa Vietnam is the one and only option to choose, for those pupils in the world who desperately wish to achieve from visas to Vietnams. There is a method to get Vietnam Visa in the easiest way and that way is to apply for this offline instead of offline like requesting it from embassies. The least one has to do is just to give the payment of extra charges like for all kinds of taxes.

  ​Into more details:  

There are a lot more things such as verification and a lot more needs to be done to use this properly without any problem. But there is a good news behind this which is “letter of approvals” can be received from any of the departments of "re establishment of Vietnam Visa”, which are already guaranteed from regimes.
The “letter of approvals” can be received in between 2-3 days privately. The days must be working days and holidays are not included. The “letter of approvals” can be seen in any kind of mobile phones such as android phone or windows, but those phones must be touch screen phones as keypad phone does not have any kind of support for these. The “letter of approvals” must be taken out as a printed paper for future reference such as whenever it is required to arrive at the departments of "re-establishment of Vietnam Visa”.